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Hey guy’s thank you for visiting the blog i am glad you decided to visit. and watch my journey to lose the weight. I will like i say alot on my videos that i will lose the weight well i can tell you one thing i do not quit. Life has up’s and down’s and all humans go through that.  But i am loseing this weight for one thing is that the body i am in right now is not the body i want to be in. I no i was not meant to be this body i am i no i can change and that is the importent thing i want to do. I want to walk my sophmore year of high schooland the rest of those high schools to be the best and  a thinner and happier me.  Girls say i have a cute face but my body ehhhhh. Also i want real friends and every thing. In pe what upsets me is when they pick me last and sometimes they forget about me well i will show them all that i can lose the weight. And when i do i will walk up to those bully’s and tell them this excat message ” so you said i was fat and you said i was a hog, well look at me now!” Thanks for viewing this blog spread the word i want to get on CNN after i lose the weight. I want to show all american’s and that to the world that anyone who is lazy needs to get offthere feet and work out because they will succeed i will suceed if you are loseing weight remeber *NEVER GIVE UP EVER HOW HARD IT IS IF YOU HAVE THE COURAGE YOU CAN WIN AND YOU WILL SUCCEED AND IF YOU GET BULLY SHOW THEM WHO YOU REALLY ARE YOU CAN AND WILL SUCCEED**

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