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Hello Guys my new site is now open


Please go to and you can see lots more of my weight loss journey and thanks ūüôā


Hello guys i jogged today 1 and  half miles i have jogged a week straight i now LOVE jogging and everything i also love jogging because it is a very good thing for my legs and everything.  Minus the Leg cramp i did pretty good today im so proud of myself cant wait for scale in day!!!!!! check out the new page weight journal tap and every also





Peace guys


I gotta make this short so anyways i went jogging Today Monday and also when i checked my scale i gained 4+ pounds according to the scale. Anyways guys i added a new page  called Weight Journal you can see my pictures of me and the weight of that week im sorry im on the go right now but yea hopefully video tomorrow.

NO i am not a justin bieber fan or anything. But i do love that song. It is about never giving up and i am never giving up.

I want to thank all my Fans from youtube i love you all guys. I promise with my heart i wont put you guys down. I got a long ways to go till i reach the goal but i will get there. Tommarow is Scale in day and picture day  **i hate assembling the green screen**  Every 3 weelks is what i set it too.

Dont expect me to lose 20 pounds are anything i dont no how much i lose but lets hope it is good if it is bad that will encourage me to work a heck of alot harder. Diet cheating is dramatically not happing as often anymore.y

I want to thank everyone and see you guys look on the tube as a new video is up also new video tommarow.


God bless you all.

I am so happy today so i followed my diet a heck of alot better today i got below the 3245 calories an di burnt around 200 so that is very good thing for me. I am so happy and pumped. I did 30 pushups in all lifted 40 pounds bench and i did alot of stuff today i thank it to music. Without the music i learn i dont try as hard as i can but i am pumped today because theres this girl who i like and i will lose the weight im doing it for anyone im doing it for me. It is my choice to lose the weight and only i can tell myself and today i did it i achedived a goal kicking the food away from the daily needs that i need. I dont need that food. I said goodbye junk food today like they say you find out who your true friends are haha i guess that fits in. Next thing i need to kick out is coke completely and fast food.  my dad gave me fast food today and good for me *my dogs cares for me* when i went to the restroom it was gone and i saw my dog eating it and i was like about to get mad but i am glad my dog ate it because that is bad food!




Peace out rock on and


Hello i am gonna do a day by day report i have 194 days to go that is a long time but i am quite dissapointed in myself today i tell my self not to cheat on this diet and i did it again i have a food diary and my reccomended calorie intake is 3225. I got this number by doing test and such at the doctor. and i cheated today by going over 305 calories. And i am so pissed at myself i was watching i used to be fat and i see them do it and i NO i can do it but my body tells me eat this eat that. Im getting quite fed up with my body but it is pretty good the calorie intake because i was close to getting the goal i gotta try harder to suceed

By guys see you tommarow in my video PEACE

Hello everyone it is saturday i did not update to you guys what is going on. I have been taking a break from workout because for a good reason. I pulled something in my leg and working out would hurt it even worse and it sucks i can not workout this week but it is saturday now so that means i can gradually get back to working out but i will be more safe for now on. I have a confession to tell everyone i sadly cheated on the diet i was supposed to do everyday. So yay it sucks big time because i shouldnt have ate those things and even worse they were heavy in fat i need to get back in action i cant let my body do what it wants to do i gotta control it or i will not suceed. Thanks for reading this blog i gotta get my sleep. Tommarows gonna be a hard day!

Peace out

Signing off Austin Gomez