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NO i am not a justin bieber fan or anything. But i do love that song. It is about never giving up and i am never giving up.

I want to thank all my Fans from youtube i love you all guys. I promise with my heart i wont put you guys down. I got a long ways to go till i reach the goal but i will get there. Tommarow is Scale in day and picture day  **i hate assembling the green screen**  Every 3 weelks is what i set it too.

Dont expect me to lose 20 pounds are anything i dont no how much i lose but lets hope it is good if it is bad that will encourage me to work a heck of alot harder. Diet cheating is dramatically not happing as often anymore.y

I want to thank everyone and see you guys look on the tube as a new video is up also new video tommarow.


God bless you all.


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